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100% Organic Microgreens & Wheatgrass Grown To Order!

100% Organic Microgreens & Wheatgrass Grown To Order!100% Organic Microgreens & Wheatgrass Grown To Order!

We Are Not 'Officially' Open For Business. We Apologize For Any Inconveniences.



Due To The Current Health Crisis, All Deliveries Are Canceled Until Further Notice.

Red Veined Sorrel Microgreens

Red Veined Sorrel

Garnet Red Amaranth Microgreens

Amaranth Garnet Red 

Nasturtium Microgreens


Red Rambo Radish Microgreens

Radish Red Rambo 

Pea Shoots Microgreens

Pea Shoots 

Arugula Microgreens


Onion Microgreens


Sunflower Microgreens


Radish Red Arrow Microgreens

Radish Red Arrow 

100% Organic Wheatgrass


Popcorn Microgreens


Carrot Microgreens



Cabbage Red 

Cilantro Microgreens


Red Russian Kale Microgreens

Red Russian Kale

Marigold Microgreens


Dark Opal Basil Microgreens

Dark Opal Basil 

Buckwheat Microgreens


Parsley Microgreens


Chef's Blend Microgreens

Chef's Fav Blend

Tex Mex Blend Microgreens

Tex Mex Blend

Microgreens Grown To Accommodate Any Menu.

Your Menu Matters!

Having been in the trenches of the industry and practically raised in the kitchen, I well know it's daily demands, which is to every chef's Advantage in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Why? GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS is Why! As owner of a (Not Merely Local), but neighborhood microgreens provider, definitely presents a Win, Win for every chef in town. 

You have a fellow chef that can meet every demand, delivering not only the freshest microgreens and wheatgrass in Dallas, Fort Worth area, but will provide live microgreens (still in there growing media, if requested), or freshly harvested that morning, date and time stamped! And that's not all. GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS prices are up to 45% less than any major competitor in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

And if that's not enough to impress even the hardest to please gourmets, I will personally provide and deliver "FREE SAMPLES" for you to try.

 Seriously Chef's,... It's Truly A No Brainer At This Point!

Request Our Price Sheets & Setup Your Subscription Plan Now!!

A weekly Subscription Plan allows you to focus on others areas of the kitchen. Once your growing plan is setup, we handle everything from there, the type of microgreens required, the quantity and the delivery day.

We Provide Microgreens To Chef's, Caterers, Retail Customers