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We Are An Organic Microgreens, Edible Flowers & Wheatgrass Grower That's Chef Owned & Operated

GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS is Owned and Operated By Chef Steven Hodge


GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS is a local/'neighborhood' grower of 100% Organic and Non Organic Microgreens, 100% Organic Wheatgrass and Edible Flowers, providing them to chef’s, and the restaurants they serve, caterers, the farmers market community, corporate catering as well as the local community at large. 

“As a Chef in an ever expanding industry, in a market that demands quality as well as quantity, has exploded over the last decade, I felt the need and desire to increase my personal service footprint and becoming not only a consumer but also a provider.”

Through Grand Prairie Microgreens, I can provide an ever increasing market with second to none quality produce that’s not only 100% Organic and Home Grown Locally, but cleaner, faster and Up To 50% less expensive than our competitors. And as a chef, having a birds-eye view of developing and ever changing trends as well as the immediate needs of my clients and the pièce de résistance, me, I can help your restaurants remain on the cutting edge of innovation. 

My clients, be they family, friends, fellow chefs, caterers, cooks, etc. or consumers looking for quality and freshness at competitive prices, all can rest assured, that their satisfaction will always be met 100% of the time.

Cleaner, How? Grand Prairie Microgreens, grows in a controlled environment away from harmful elements that may disrupt the germination and maturation/growing process and use sterile methods to eliminate bacteria, mold and fungus from occurring during the entire process. We Never Use Pesticides or Insecticides of any kind. And perhaps one of the greatest differences is that we grow in non-soil organic media. So by the time our product reaches the consumer, whether they are at home or in a restaurant, the product is 100% fresh, clean and ready for consumption.

The bottom line is this in regards to our commercial partners. We help lower food cost while increasing margins. And our consumers enjoy the benefits of free home or office delivery, with veggies harvested within 24 hrs. of ordering.



Serving The Metroplex One Customer At A Time!

We are finally making the most delicious and nutritious greens available to everyone in the Dallas, Fort Worth area with a phone call. Enjoy them in salads, smoothies or with your favorite meals.

grand prairie microgreens

Home or Office Delivery!

Now enjoy the delicious and nutritious taste of microgreens at your home or office thanks to GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS Delivery Service. 


Committed To Excellence!

Our Mission Is To Provide The Freshest Product at The Highest Quality Possible and Deliver It Within Minutes, Literally, At Its Height of Freshness!

GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS is located in the heart of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

Not Just Local "We're Neighbors"

Many Growers Say That They're Local, Are They? Nestled In The Heart of The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Literally Minutes Away From Every Restaurant, Farmers Market and Home, We're Neighbors!

GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS date and time stamps our products to insure freshness.

Date & "Time" Stamped

We Date and Time Stamp Our Produce! This Means "GUARANTEED FRESHNESS"! Do you think that your customers will be impressed knowing that your greens were harvested fresh that morning? How many restaurants, grocery stores etc. can say that?

Got A Microgreens Emergency? GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS offers after hours services to save you in a pinch.

Got A Micro Emergency?

It Happens! In Every Busy Kitchen, In Every Corner of The Globe,...STUFF HAPPENS! So Relax! Give Us A Call And We Will Do What We Can To Accommodate Your Needs.

GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS Means Quality & Freshness.

Our Label Says It All!

Our Microgreens Are Always Clearly Labeled With Microgreens Name and Product Description. It includes Harvest Date and Time, Along With All Contact Information.

grand prairie microgreens

Our Growing Media

For Maximum Growth of Every Microgreen Seed, We Use Coconut Fiber, utilizing the Coconut Fiber in Conjunction with Hydroponic Methods.

grand prairie microgreens


We Grow In An Indoor Controlled Environment, so both our Organic and Non Organic Seeds/Microgreens Are 100% FREE of Pesticides and are Non GMO. 

GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS Grows microgreens year round.

Year Round Freshness!

Your Off Season Menu Can Be Just As Spectacular As Your Peak! We Grow Year 'Round and Cater Specifically To Your Menu!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Use GPM?

A: GPM Harvests Within 24hrs. after order is placed. This insures The Best Quality and The Freshest Product Possible. Our product never sits in a distributor warehouse for days waiting to be ordered/delivered. It’s literally from farm to fork.

Q: How many varieties of microgreens do you grow?

A: We can grow over one hundred types of organic and non organic microgreens.

Q: What immediate benefits are there from eating microgreens?

A: GRAND PRAIRIE MICROGREENS are living products! You are eating live plants bursting with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The complete opposite of what you might purchase from you local store.

Q: Does GPM offer a subscription service?

A: Although a subscription isn’t needed, GPM offers both commercial and retail subscription services.

Q: Does GPM sell to the public?

A: Yes! GPM sells to the general public as well as the commercial market.

Q: Can you customize microgreen orders?

A: We are a ‘Specialty Grower’. If you are a chef/restaurant owner with seasonal needs, would like a consistent microgreen or specific consistent quantity, ‘we will’ accommodate these types of requests.

Q: Does GPM’s Deliver?

A: Yes! GPM’s has a weekly delivery route. You “Must Be Scheduled” in order to receive our products.

Q: Is there a minimum amount required for ordering?

A: Yes! GPM’s has a $20 Minimum Order Requirement for retail customers and $50 Minimum for Commercial Customers.

Q: Where does GPM's Deliver?

A: GPM’s primary delivery areas are Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Irving and Some Dallas Locations. We also deliver to Ft. Worth and it’s surrounding cities. There may be some exceptions, however for locals outside of the metroplex.

Q: Does GPM’s Accept Returns?

A: GPM’s Make Every Effort To Insure That You Are 100% Satisfied With Our Products. 1. You can sample any/every product that we have available. 2. Once that product is delivered, you will thoroughly inspect the product. At that time ‘ONLY’ will you have the option of returning the product. This Insures Your Complete Satisfaction. WHY this procedure? Our Microgreens are grown in a sterile environment with No Insecticides, Pesticides, GMO’s and both Organic Soil and Non-Soil Media and Hydrated with Filtered Water.

Q: How are GPM’s product grown?

A: GPM’s uses Hydroponic Technology in growing our products. We use a Natural Non-Soil Coconut Fiber throughout the entire process. We also use filtered and distilled water that is ph balanced to insure the best results. We also use a natural H202 sterilization process to insure the elimination of bacteria, fungus or mold growth.

Q: Are GPM’s products Organic? 

A: GPM’s grows both Organic and Non-Organic seeds/products. Our clients decide which products they prefer and we grow to order. Our Facility is divided in two areas, Organic and Non-Organic.

Q: Will GPM’s be willing to beat a competitors price if necessary?

A: Absolutely Not! Why? The Farming Community Is Small. GPM’s Will Meet Prices, ONLY. GPM’s Will Never Undercut Our Local Competitors Just To Gain A Sell. It Only Diminishes What We Do. While Our Clients/Customers Are Important To Us, So Is Our Integrity.

Q: How are your products priced?

A: GPM’s prices are Never based on what our competitors are doing. Our product is Superior and our prices are based on our quality and service.

Q: Does GPM’s ship outside of the state in which they are located?

A: No, GPM’s does not ship outside of the state of Texas. GPM’s provides microgreens to the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex Only.